2nd Meeting

The second meeting of MESH went great with even more people, over 20, than last time and in an amazing new location the Ringwood Trade Training Facility (RTTF) adjoining Ringwood Secondary College. It continues to surprise me how fast all this is happening. When I created a group on Meetup.com 49 days ago I did not think that we would already have had 2 meetings with high attendance by now.
We still have a bit to go, if we are to continue meeting at RTTF we to need formalise our organisational structure and work out a few minor details.

We took some pictures!
[slideshow_deploy id=’98’]
Now that MESH is starting to take off tell your friend and family about it, share a link to our meet up page / website / forum on Facebook or Google plus.

If MESH is too far away for you there is also the CCHS in Hawthorn. If neither of those are practical for you – start your own hacker / maker group. MESH started with one guy with an idea. Instead of just remaining an idea plagued by self-doubt and never happening like several of my ideas I just went ahead and did it – not really knowing what I was doing.

This could have been another failed idea if I didn’t have a number of people to help me (some who do know what they are doing).

So thanks everyone – you are awesome! 🙂

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