Monthly Archives: December 2014

A very MESHy Christmas

A big hello to everyone, the committee of MESH wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.

We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who have shown an interest in starting a new Hacker/Maker space in the outer reaches of melbourne and we now have over 90 people who have signed up to this Meetup Group and a regular turnout at our general MESH meetings at the Ringwood RTTF.

Hopefully more of you will venture down to a meeting in the new year and sign up as a financial member (very low cost) and help make this hackerspace grow and prosper.

The committee will endeavour to keep our Website and Meetup pages more current and fresh so as to keep you all better informed as to what we are all up to and where we are heading.

On behalf of the MESH committee, please be safe and have a great break over the holiday period and come and play with all the great hackable gifts you got as presents for christmas when we reopen in the new year.

As a further personal note, I wish to thank each of the committee members who have worked invisibly in the background to get us to where we are now and a special thanks to Chris, Nick and Peter who have done most of the heavy lifting in getting the legals out of the way. And I would also like to thank Lachlan, who has been a fantastic liaison between MESH, the RTTF and CCHS and has offered valuable steering  with our initial planning when it was all just ideas and dreams.

So happy Hacking and hope to see you all next year

Peter (Pres)