Largest Amateur Rocket Ever!

Over the past few years MESH President, Sascha Grant (aka El Presidente), has been involved in a project to design and build a scale replica of the famous V2 rocket, it is almost 14 metres tall! The rocket was finally launched in March, 2015. The launch has garnered international attention, with the rocket being featured by the Science Channel in the US. Here is a preview below.

Outrageous Acts of Science – Rocket Launch

This group built the largest amateur rocket ever!An all new Outrageous Acts of Science premieres at 9p!

Posted by Science Channel on Saturday, January 9, 2016

I’m sure the future there will be even larger rockets launched by this group, going higher than an amateur rockets has ever flown before. This is a rather large example of what ordinary people can do, as long as they dream big and apply themselves to make their dreams reality.

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