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April 2nd, First Meeting at Our New Makerspace!

Our first meeting at our new makerspace will be on Saturday 2nd of April starting at 1 PM.

This will be a real makerspace and our permanent location for the foreseeable future. We can have equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers and computers permanently set up. There is already a huge collection of hand and power tools, along with a welder, guillotine and a hot wire foam cutter, that we can use.


There is space to store member projects, no more hauling projects and equipment from home and back again.

The space will be a joint venture with Swinburne University. That means we will be sharing the facility with students from Swinburne. In the future Swinburne will be investing in new equipment for the makerspace that we will share with Swinburne students.

Having a makerspace at a university will encourage students to use what they have learned in a practical way and maybe become members of MESH. A permanent place will also allow visitors to see what a makerspace can do for them.

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See you on the 2nd of April.

We Finally Have a Makerspace!

I am extremely happy to announce that we finally have a permanent place to meet. Towards the end of last year Knox City Council thought a maker space would be a great addition to the Knox area. They held a Workshop at Siemens in Bayswater. At that meeting Knox City Council learned of MESH.

Knox City Council wanted a maker space in Knox, we needed a space, but where would it be located? We suggested asking Swinburne. Luckily Swinburne University had underutilised space and were also interested in having a makerspace on campus. Knox City Council Formally asked Swinburne if they would be willing to host a makerspace for MESH at their Wantirna campus – and Swinburne said yes.

Our makerspace will open on March 19 2016, but we still have a lot of work to do before it will be a fully operational.

I wish to thank both Swinburne and Knox City Council for giving MESH this fantastic opportunity. We have a long list of people that deserve our thanks, you know who you are 🙂

The makerspace is located at the Wantirna campus of Swinburne University, 369 Stud Rd – WJ building.