MESH Survived Stringybark 2016!

The Stringybark festival is an annual event that’s been run by the Knox City Council for 30 years. We had the pleasure of attending the event last year and again, this year.

The 2016 event saw contributions from many MESH members – including:

Michael Byrne has created an An interactive Minecraft display by where you crank the handle to blow up the dynamite on-screen!

Jason Ng’s continuing work on his 3D prosthetic hand was on display with servo-driven model wiggling its fingers at all that passed. He also had some fantastic hand crafted Halloween themed fridge magnets.

Caitlin Kelly brought along her mBot Programmable robot and a 9v powered blinking LED board that she had successfully soldered together at a recent MESH meeting.

Nick Fryer, Chris Fryer and Peter came armed with an assortment of 3D printers, drones and other things that blinked. Everyone loved watching the wee little Geckos being printed out.

Paul Darley amazed and frustrated lots of people with his thought controlled levitation device – while wearing an electronic headband, you had to ‘think’ a ball into the air. Some people could do it, some could not but everyone had a go!

Tom Harris, as always, had a unique display. Pair a Bicycle seat with a pair of handlebars on a board and you get a trophy head. Make a dozen of them and you have a trophy wall. An old oil heater tank was turned into a cow and junk robots filled his table.

Alana J. Stewart had her two LED skirts – the Octopus fiber-optic skirt and the one made with lots of chule. These were a real crowd-pleaser with someone inquiring about purchasing them! We suggested that they come along to MESH and we can help them learn to make their own.

And me, I brought along a little laser cut ball maze to demonstrate what a laser cutter can do as well as my RetroPie arcade box and a big orange rocket that much to everyone’s surprise really has flown to an altitude of a little more than 1km.

Over the two days we talked to countless people, many of which were fascinated by the 3D printers and amazed at how they could be used for not only making Geckos, but has the ability to change peoples lives with assistive technologies!

I think that we’ll be welcoming many new members over the coming months.

A very huge thank you to all involved and to everyone that came past to visit us over the weekend!

-Sascha Grant

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