Monthly Archives: October 2017

Stringybark 2017

MESH had a great Stringybark Festival this year. This year we had a joint stand with VARMS, Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring, who we have been laser cutting model aircraft for.

Our ping pong catapult and cannon firing range was a huge hit, thanks Nick Fryer for his amazing design work and Peter McKenzie for putting it all together. Thanks Kevin Fryer from the radio controlled aircraft club VARMS, he brought some amazing models one with a wingspan of almost four meters. Jason Ng displayed his awesome Muppet like puppets and augmented reality city models of Melbourne and New York.

Over the weekend MESH sold out of laser cut catapults and cannons – both kids and adults loved them. We raised more than $600.00 for MESH. VARMS built three laser cut aircraft bodies, thanks again Kevin Fryer for showing us how it’s done. Now some pictures!

Anybody having trouble putting cannon and catapult kits together, email